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Spring sports are well underway and athletes all over the United States suit up every week to compete in exciting games. To increase your athlete’s safety on the field or court, it’s important for him to wear protective gear such as a face mask, mouth guard, eye glasses, and other equipment pieces to avoid facial trauma.

Dr. Tomlinson is a trained oral surgeon who specializes in facial trauma. If you’ve been hurt, contact us today.

In honor of National Face Protection Month, we’ve put together several tips to avoid facial trauma as your child competes in his sport. Take a look:

Insert a Mouth Protector

A mouth guard does more than protect teeth. It also protects jaws, lips, tongue, and gums. When an athlete does not wear a mouth guard, dental injuries such as chipped teeth, a fractured jaw, or lacerated cheeks can occur.

Wear a Face Mask & Helmet

A face mask and helmet cushions an athlete’s head if he takes a fall. This protective equipment can be the difference-maker between your child having a bruise or experiencing facial trauma. In honor of National Face Protection Month, talk to your athlete about the importance of wearing safety gear.

Sport-related injuries account for roughly 33% of all dental work each year. But, we know that other environments cause facial injuries, as well. Take these safety steps to avoid injuries:

  • When you drive, make sure that all passengers are wearing a seatbelt.
  • If you work on a construction site, wear a hard hat at all times.
  • If you or your children are riding bikes or roller skating, wear a helmet.

If you’ve suffered from facial trauma, Dr. Tomlinson can help. He provides on-call coverage for facial trauma such as fractured jaws, displaced teeth, facial lacerations, and more. Call the Athens Oral Surgery Center team at 706-549-5033.