Dental implants have evolved a great deal since their initial use in the mid-1980s. Originally intended to replace single missing teeth, implants have improved dramatically and have been adapted to meet new clinical needs. Teeth in a day or All On 4 is probably the most advanced use of implants.

The procedure itself has many different names, depending upon the brand of implants being used. Many people know the procedure by its generic term: “Teeth-in-a-Day.” Other names include:

  • All On 4 (Nobel Biocare)
  • Revitalize (Zimmer)
  • Teeth Xpress (BioHorizons)

Each of these procedures has small differences, but overall the premise remains the same. These procedures offer patients complete rehabilitation of one or both jaws through strategically placed implants. Immediately after, a temporary restoration is placed onto the implants. This restoration is a single, full-span bridge that fully replaces the teeth in the jaw. Patients may use their new teeth to chew soft foods immediately.

Advantages to All On 4

All On 4, or whichever name you choose to call it, represents the most comprehensive treatment for patients with teeth that cannot be restored. The procedure is one that requires significant teamwork and coordination. Normally, a general or restorative dentist is joined by an oral surgeon and a dental lab technician. At the very least, the procedure requires removing all the patient’s teeth and placing four strategically placed implants. A lab technician then fabricates an intermediate bridge that will be screwed onto the implants that very same day. After approximately 6 months, a final, permanent bridge is fabricated.

This procedure has many advantages over other forms of treatment. Paramount to many patients is the rapid and dramatic improvement in quality of life. Patients may go from having teeth that make them self-conscious and do not function properly, to teeth that are aesthetic and fully functional. Short treatment times are important to all patients, and this protocol allows for single, same-day, complete rehabilitation. Also of high importance to patients is immediate restoration–the final bridge is fixed in place, directly screwed to, and retained by the implants, unlike dentures.

Cost Details and Ideal Candidacy

The total cost of the “Teeth-in-a-Day” or All On 4 procedure is normally less overall than complete restoration of an entire arch with implants and delayed fabrication of a bridge. Many patients who have sought rehabilitation of their bite with implants have been informed that their bone volume or quality is inadequate for implants. Teeth-in-a-Day and All On 4 procedures were designed with these patients in mind. The protocol was developed, not only to be completed in the same day, but to be a solution for patients with limited bone volume.

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