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Many people suffer from headaches and mouth sensitivity when their wisdom teeth are pushing through. Even if you don’t feel the teeth pushing through or suffer from wisdom teeth symptoms, that doesn’t mean issues won’t surface in the future.

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Consider the following reasons why you should have your wisdom teeth removed sooner rather than later:

Age Increases Recovery Time

Young adults and seniors alike have their wisdom teeth removed. But, as you age, your body naturally has a harder time recovering from procedures or surgeries. To ensure minimal recovery time, you’ll want to have these teeth removed at a young age.

Improves Dental Hygiene

Because of the placement of wisdom teeth, it’s impossible to clean these teeth efficiently. This may lead to cavities, infections, and diseases. Other health issues also should be considered. Research suggests that inflammation caused by unclean wisdom teeth may enter the bloodstream and cause other serious conditions. But, when the teeth are removed, potential issues are eliminated.

Reduces Issues Related to Overcrowded Teeth

When wisdom teeth erupt, they often push against other teeth as they surface. This causes overcrowding in the mouth and forces your other teeth to shift. This can affect your smile and your overall appearance. And, if the teeth are erupting at an angle, this can cause stiffness and pain around the affected area.

Fortunately, you can sidestep issues by having these teeth removed. The removal process is safe and effective. When you choose Dr. Tomlinson to perform this surgery, you can rest assured that you are in very capable hands. Before you know it, your mouth will feel better and your oral hygiene will have improved immensely.

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