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a close up shot of some crushed ice

Whether your wisdom teeth pain occurs gradually, or it is sudden and fierce, this pain can disrupt your everyday life. There are several ways you can ease the pain at home, but ultimately, the best way to eliminate your wisdom teeth pain altogether is to have them extracted. (Dr. Tomlinson can help! Schedule an appointment today.) Discover a few ways you can find relief:

Icing the Area

Your wisdom teeth may be causing swelling and pain. By icing the area with a cold ice pack, the swelling may decrease, and pain will subside for a short period. Some people prefer to eat ice chips which can help, as well.

Taking a Pain Reliever

Certain over-the-counter medicines can help reduce the pain associated with wisdom teeth. However, this only treats the symptoms and not the root of the problem. We don’t recommend taking pain relievers as the permanent treatment. Your body may become “numb” to the medicine and won’t respond appropriately.

Rinsing with Saltwater

Sometimes, pain associated with wisdom teeth can be caused by food that has gotten stuck. This food will attract bacteria and cause an infection to form. To rinse your mouth with saltwater, first mix two teaspoons of salt with a full glass of water. Then, swish the saltwater in your mouth and spit it out. This can help dislodge the stuck food. However, it will not get rid of the infection.

Removing Your Wisdom Teeth

The treatment option that will give you long term relief is removing your wisdom teeth altogether. Even if your wisdom teeth are not causing pain, removing them can be a proactive solution to avoid painful experiences in the future. Dr. Tomlinson has helped hundreds of patients with their wisdom teeth issues! Schedule an appointment today: 706-549-5033.