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An oral and maxillofacial surgeon is a doctor who specializes in all aspects of the face. While this field was born out of dentistry, it has evolved into a specialty of its own. Keep reading to discover the plethora of services that Dr. Tomlinson, your oral surgeon in Athens, Georgia, can perform to keep your mouth in tip-top shape:

All on 4 & Dental Implants

These two teeth restorative options are incredibly popular and give many patients their confidence back! These procedures bridge the gap within the mouth where teeth are missing by placing fake teeth (that look natural and real) into the hole.

Facial trauma

If you’ve experienced a facial injury, it’s likely you need an oral surgeon’s expertise to help on your recovery journey. If you have fractured upper and lower jaws, fractured facial bones, knocked out teeth, facial lacerations, or intra-oral lacerations, Dr. Tomlinson can use his expert skill to help you.

Orthodontic surgery

When your orthodontist readies your mouth for braces, he may contact an oral surgeon to help him prepare your mouth. Depending on the specific situation, Dr. Tomlinson may need to implement temporary anchorage devices, surgical uprighting, or surgical corticotomy to help ready your mouth.

TMJ disorders

Imagine a flexible hinge that sits in front of your ears and is connected to your jaw bone. This hinge, the temporomandibular joint, gives your jaw a wide range of motion that you use every day to speak, chew, laugh, and yawn. When this hinge has been damaged, these activities can be miserable. Through medications, therapies, or surgical procedures, you will find relief.

Wisdom teeth

If your wisdom teeth are impacted or erupting improperly through your gums, you are likely feeling pain or stiffness near the site. Wisdom teeth removal is necessary to improve your oral health!

The list above is not extensive; we also perform bone grafting, apply anesthesia when necessary, conduct pre-prosthetic surgery, treat mouth disease, conduct jaw surgery, and more! Do you have need for an oral surgeon in Athens? Here’s how we can help.