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Wisdom teeth removal is a very common procedure in America – over 5 million people remove their wisdom teeth each year! Although a common surgical procedure, we understand if you’re a little hesitant about the process. Allow us to explain the seven steps that normally occur during the wisdom teeth removal process:

1. Create an incision.

Dr. Tomlinson will create an incision in your gum tissue so he can easily see and access the tooth and the bone that is connected to your wisdom teeth roots. Don’t worry, this doesn’t hurt! Before Dr. Tomlinson creates an incision, you will have local or general anesthesia applied.

2. Remove bone if necessary.

Sometimes, removing bone is necessary if the bone is blocking access to the root. This also allows Dr. Tomlinson to have an easier time removing the tooth since it is no longer firmly connected to the bone.

3. Divide the tooth if necessary.

If Dr. Tomlinson determines the tooth should not be taken out as one large piece, he may divide the tooth into pieces and remove it. This will help reduce the tugging or pulling efforts, as smaller pieces are easier to remove.

4. Remove entire tooth, whether whole or in pieces.

Now that the bone is removed and the tooth has been divided into sections, Dr. Tomlinson will remove the entire tooth, including the roots. There will be no leftover debris once he is finished removing all parts of the tooth.

5. Clean the hole.

Now that the tooth and roots are gone, Dr. Tomlinson will clean the hole. This part is extremely important, as if the hole is not completely empty of debris or bacteria, the healing process will be interrupted.

6. Insert stitches if necessary.

Stitches are often inserted across the newly found gap to stimulate the healing process. This can also prevent food or bacteria from entering the hole.

7. Apply gauze.

For the first few hours following the wisdom tooth removal procedure, the individual should bite down on gauze that has been placed over the hole. This will help a blood clot to form and help lessen (and eventually stop completely) the blood flow.

Dr. Tomlinson is your wisdom teeth removal expert! Call us today to make an appointment: 706-549-5033