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Modern-day dental implants have been around for only a handful of decades. But, the concept of dental implants goes back thousands of years. Different cultures used shell pieces, gems, metal pieces, and other options to act as dental implants. What a time to be alive!

Athens Oral Surgery Center is here to provide innovative dental implants for those who are missing teeth. Discover the risks and benefits of dental implants:

Dental Implant Benefits

A huge benefit of dental implants – and what makes it stand out from other tooth restorative options – is its root-like nature. During the dental implant process, a dental screw is secured into your jawbone. Your bone naturally fuses to the screw to lock it into place. Once the screw is secure, an abutment piece and crown are placed on top of the screw. Moving forward, your dental implant screw acts as a natural tooth’s root. This contributes to successful chewing, speaking, laughing, yawning, and the like, without the fear of your teeth falling out (dentures).

Other benefits of dental implants include their longevity, durability, and convenience. A notable benefit of dental implants includes improved oral health. Unlike the dental bridge procedure, your surrounding teeth will be unaffected by the dental implant. To place the dental implant, the oral surgeon will not rely on surrounding teeth but rather the quality and quantity of the jawbone. If the quality and quantity is poor, Dr. Tomlinson can discuss bone grafting with you!

Dental Implant Risks

Risks of dental implants are few and far between, and the risks can be significantly minimized of eliminated completely when an experienced oral surgeon is performing the procedure. Because this is a surgery, it does have some risks, including:

  • Implant rejection
  • Implant site infection
  • Implant site injury

Choosing the right oral surgeon for this confidence-boosting procedure is the most important decision you can make! Get to know Dr. Tomlinson, then give us a call to schedule an appointment: 706-549-5033

Dr. Tomlinson is your premier oral surgeon, specializing in dental implants! Contact us today.