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oral health

This year, we encourage you to make New Year resolutions that will positively affect your oral health. So, our team put together a list of resolutions for you to choose from to start the year off right! Consider the following New Year resolutions for a healthier mouth:

Oral Health Tip #1: Conduct Monthly Mouth Exams

Oral pathology deals with diseases of the mouth. It’s important to catch mouth disease in its early stages. So, make it a routine to conduct monthly mouth exams to spot any abnormalities such as discoloration, bumps, blister-like wounds, and swellings. Other possible signs of mouth diseases are a fever, irritability, and loss of appetite. If you see something, say something! Contact us immediately for help.

Oral Health Tip #2: Brush & Floss Your Teeth

Plaque can be detrimental to your teeth’s enamel. Fortunately, a fresh toothbrush and toothpaste can remove plaque from your teeth. Food and other sugary substances can also get stuck between your teeth. So, use floss at least once a day to remove cavity-causing materials. If you brush at least twice a day, floss, and use mouthwash, you are contributing to a healthier mouth.

Oral Health Tip #3: Visit Your Oral Surgeon

People have two sets of teeth throughout their lifetime – baby and permanent. While baby teeth fall out within the first decade of life, our permanent teeth are with us until the end. So, it’s extra important to take extra care of your permanent teeth. If a tooth is causing you pain or you notice something different while conducting a monthly mouth exam, contact your oral surgeon. Dr. Tomlinson will be able to determine what is causing your discomfort.

The Athens Oral Surgery Center team hopes that this year will be the healthiest one yet for you and your family! If you are in need of any oral surgery care, call us at 706-549-5033 to schedule an appointment.