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Orthognathic surgery, also called jaw surgery, aims to straighten or realign your jaws. Many people opt for jaw surgery due to cosmetic need or painful jaw issues.

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The first known jaw surgery occurred in 1849, and was conducted by a surgeon in West Virginia. Over the next 167 years, orthognathic surgery advanced as instruments and techniques of stabilization became more modern. Orthognathic surgery has become more common, safer, and more reliable for the patient.

What Problems Can Jaw Surgery Correct?

Many people think of jaw surgery as a cosmetic procedure, improving the overall look of their face. But, if you have an overbite, under bite, or protruding jaw, orthognathic surgery can help. Even more, it can fix additional issues, such as:

  • Breathing problems
  • Difficulty chewing, biting, or swallowing
  • Painful muscle tremors in the jaw
  • Speech impediments
  • TMJ disorder

Regardless of the reason, Dr. Tomlinson and his staff can help determine if jaw orthognathic surgery is right for you.

What Happens During Surgery?

During surgery, a surgeon realigns your jaw to correct any issue you may have. However, there are many more elements that are required for jaw surgery to occur than just the surgery itself. Before surgery, the oral surgeon meticulously plans your surgical procedure based on your specific jaw.

Athens Oral Surgery Center employs modern computer techniques and three-dimensional models to demonstrate how your surgery will be accomplished. The surgeon may also use comprehensive facial X-rays and computer video imaging to demonstrate how the bite will be improved or how your facial structure may be improved after surgery.

What Should I Expect After Surgery?

Patients respond differently to surgical procedures. However, it is very common for patients to experience swelling, sinus congestion, and difficulty chewing. These discomforts usually subside during or after the first week of surgery.

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