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Many people find relief from sleep apnea by using their continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine. This machine provides constant and steady air to the recipient which, in turn, reduces or eliminates the root cause of sleep apnea (obstructed air flow). Discover how to best use your CPAP machine so you can kick sleep apnea to the curb.

Buy the Right Size Mask

Everyone’s face is a different shape and size, so it’s important to buy a mask that fits your unique facial structure. Most CPAP masks are adjustable, which will help with comfort and efficiency. If you’re feeling any pain or discomfort, don’t forego the mask altogether. Your CPAP provider can show you how to adjust it until it’s the perfect fit.

Wear It During the Day

We understand that wearing something on your face at night might cause difficulty falling asleep. To get used to your mask, try wearing it during the day for a short amount of time until you’re used to how it feels. Also, do everything you can to help yourself get a good night sleep (i.e. avoid caffeine right before bed, take a warm bath, go to bed tired).

Keep the Air Filter Clean

CPAP machines provide air to the recipient, but first the air passes through a filter to ensure it’s clean. If your CPAP machine is noisy, consider replacing the air filter to ensure efficiency and reduced noise. Also, keep the mask and hose clean to ensure the best results.

How Dr. Tomlinson Can Help

If you’re still having trouble sleeping after using a CPAP machine, talk to Dr. Tomlinson about the benefits of jaw surgery. This surgery realigns your jaw, positively changing the structure of your mouth and helping your throat function as it should.

Do you suffer from sleep apnea? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Tomlinson today.