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With the holidays quickly approaching, you may be wondering what to give your special someone … or maybe what to give yourself! If you are missing teeth or aren’t confident with the teeth you have, you should consider gifting yourself a new smile. Consider the following ways a new smile can transform your life and the options you have at Athens Oral Surgery Center.

How a New Smile Affects Quality of Life

Many people don’t realize how much their teeth are part of their everyday life until they aren’t functioning properly. Your teeth help you chew, speak, and even keep your facial structure intact. When you’re missing teeth, your overall quality of life diminishes.

A new smile will allow you to eat what you want, speak to others with confidence, and keep your facial structure from changing. Speaking of confidence, your smile will give you a boost of confidence that you will absolutely love! No more hiding behind a closed-lip smile or behind your hands. Your new smile will be a conversation starter in more ways than one.

How AOSC Can Help

Are you ready to take the leap toward a new smile? We thought so! Athens Oral Surgery Center proudly offers dental implants to help patients take back control of their oral health and overall life. Discover the details about dental implants:

When your tooth is removed, the root structure of the tooth must be removed as well. Because of this, there is a gap that needs to be filled. If you choose to move forward with dental implants, metal posts will be surgically placed in the hole to replace the root structure. Once the metal post integrates with the jaw bone, the rest of the procedure can be completed to give you a confident smile!

Do you have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact the AOSC team today!