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Elderly man and his young female dentist smiling while looking in the mirror in dental clinic

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you! But forget what other people think. What do YOU want your smile to look like? If you’re unhappy with your teeth or lack of teeth, maybe dental implants are the answer. Discover the details about dental implants:

1. Dental implants are low maintenance.

Aside from treating your dental implants like regular teeth, you don’t have to conduct extra maintenance. Every night, make sure you are brushing and flossing them like you would your natural teeth. They aren’t removable like dentures and don’t have to be soaked overnight. Yes, please!

2. Dental implants enable you to eat your favorite foods again.

If you’ve tried dentures or have gaps in your teeth, you know how difficult it can be to eat hard or sticky foods. Once your dental implants are permanently placed in your mouth, they’re not going anywhere. Enjoy your favorite foods again with confidence.

3. Dental implants prevent bone loss.

When you have a gap between teeth, your gumline and jawbone may lessen in quality and quantity. When a dental implant is placed soon after losing a tooth, the gumline and jawbone do not have time to recede. Although it doesn’t happen overnight, it’s important to discuss dental implants and bone loss restoration with your friendly oral surgeon.

4. Dental implants can provide coverage for several gaps.

There is no limit for how many dental implants you can have in your mouth. Do you want to replace a single tooth or a complete arch? No, problem. If you’re dealing with a receding gumline or jawbone loss, it may be possible to conduct our bone grafting service first to improve the quality and quantity of these two important elements.

Don’t wait another year to schedule a dental implant consultation with Dr. Tomlinson.

Let’s make 2022 to the best one yet by helping you boost your confidence with a full, beautiful smile! If you’re ready to talk to Dr. Tomlinson about dental implants, make an appointment.