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Facial trauma includes any external or internal injury to the face. Unexpected injuries can cause physical pain to the affected area. It is important to know that mental and emotional shock may occur alongside the physical pain. If possible, keep calm after an injury.

Dr. Tomlinson has extensive experience managing facial trauma. Call us today at 706-549-5033 for any question or concern you have.

If you have knocked out a tooth, experienced a fracture in your jawbones or facial bones, or endured facial lacerations, Dr. Tomlinson provides on-call coverage at Athens Regional Medical Center.

Types of Facial Injuries

Facial trauma can include injuries to different parts of the face. Many facial injuries occur to the bone structure, teeth, gums, and skin.

Teeth Trauma

Many people endure events that cause their teeth to fall out. Unfortunately, teeth cannot repair themselves due to a lack of cells. Thankfully, Dr. Tomlinson has performed numerous surgeries to repair a lost tooth. A splint may be used to keep the tooth in place or dental implants may be necessary.

If you are able to save the tooth that has fallen out, place the tooth in milk or salt water. Do not clean the tooth as pieces of the ligament may still be attached.

Soft Tissue Trauma

When your gums and skin endure trauma, a facial laceration may appear. When a soft tissue injury occurs, there can be immediate or delayed pain, stiffness, or bruising. It is important to document your symptoms immediately. If they worsen, contact a medical professional as deeper fracturing may have occurred.

The most common way to treat a facial wound is by using stitches, also called suturing. Dr. Tomlinson has extensive knowledge and experience necessary to repair soft tissue injuries.

Bone Trauma

Injuries to the bone usually occur when the bone experiences more pressure than it can support. The bone may break completely or fracture slightly. In order to effectively heal a bone, a surgeon must stabilize the bone so it will heal correctly. Dr. Tomlinson will determine what type of treatment is best for your injury based on the severity of the fracture, your age, and overall health.