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facial trauma

Spring is in full bloom and summer is right around the corner. These two seasons are full of playing sports and enjoying beautiful weather! However, without proper facial protection, your enjoyment may be cut short by facial trauma.

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Wear Appropriate Gear

Unfortunately, your face is the one part of your body that isn’t “geared up.” However, facial trauma can be the most brutal. A few of the many ways to protect your face from trauma include:

  • Mouth guards keep your teeth from being dislodge.
  • Face masks can protect your facial bones from being broken or fractured.
  • Eyewear can act as a shield from any flying objects that could potentially blind or sever your eyes.

It’s important to not settle for cheap or flimsy products. Research which products will provide you with  maximum safety. Your face is worth it!

3 Types of Facial Trauma

Dr. Tomlinson is expertly skilled in three main types of facial trauma and can help you with your recovery. The three main types of facial trauma include:

Injuries to the gums and skin – When conducting the healing process, Dr. Tomlinson and his team take into consideration facial appearance, scarring, facial nerves, salivary glands, and salivary ducts.

Injuries to the bone – If you break or fracture a facial bone, Dr. Tomlinson tries to preserve your facial appearance by making the least amount of incisions possible.

Injuries to the teeth and bone – If your teeth or bones are broken due to injury, Dr. Tomlinson may wire or bond teeth together to hold your tooth in place. If this is not an option, implants may be necessary.

Avoid trauma to the face at all costs. Take necessary precautions and play smart!

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