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Thousands of Americans have their wisdom teeth removed every year. This removal is often necessary due to the pain or discomfort they cause. However, many people attempt to live with the pain due to false facts they’ve heard! Consider the following four myths about wisdom teeth.

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Myth 1: Everyone has wisdom teeth and pain isn’t normal to feel.

Actually, only seven out of 10 people develop wisdom teeth. Some people don’t have wisdom teeth at all! And, surprisingly, those who have wisdom teeth don’t necessarily have all four. Regardless of how many you have, pain usually accompanies wisdom teeth due to the overcrowding of the mouth.

Myth 2: Pain caused by wisdom teeth will go away with time.

When these teeth are developing, they often create tension, overcrowding, or stress in the mouth. This may cause headaches or mouth pain. Unfortunately, the pain doesn’t go away with time. Wisdom teeth removal is necessary to relieve yourself of the pain.

Myth 3: There is a lot of risk associated with oral surgery.

With any surgery, there is risk. However, wisdom teeth removal is not considered a high-risk surgery. Dr. Tomlinson and the Athens Oral Surgery Center staff have performed hundreds of surgeries that require the removal of wisdom teeth. If you’re nervous or concerned, Dr. Tomlinson can answer any question you may have!

Myth 4: Wisdom teeth don’t serve a purpose.

Actually, they used to serve a purpose. It’s believed that our ancestors needed their wisdom teeth in order to chew the tougher food they ate. Because our diet has changed over the last several centuries, our jaws have adjusted and we simply don’t need them in order to chew our food.

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