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bone grafting

Bone grafting is an incredible tool that oral surgeons can use to help reconstruct the mouth to prepare itself for dental implants. When teeth are missing, the area along the jawbone slowly breaks down over time. Because of this, the area becomes unusable for future dentures if needed.

Dr. Tomlinson and the Athens Oral Surgery Center team is skilled and have extensive knowledge with bone grafting. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

Different Types of Bone Grafting

The type of bone graft used depends on what procedure you need. Dr. Tomlinson will know exactly which bone graft is best for your situation, age, and overall health. Different types include site/socket preservation grafts, particulate grafting, block grafting, and large volume grafting.

After a bone graft in place, there are important post-operative instructions to follow. The instructions address issues such as:


Limit your physical activity for at least three days after surgery. Patients should not smoke at all for at least five days following surgery.


Bleeding is normal for up to 24 hours after surgery. If it persists longer, call our office at 706-549-5033.


The cleaner the area is; the better environment the body has to heal. It is wise to rinse with salt water at least four times a day for the week after surgery.


Avoid hot, spicy, or salty food for at least two days after surgery. Also, stay away from foods with small elements such as seeds or kernels.

Dry socket

Dry socket occurs if the blood clot dislodges and the area becomes infected. Call the office immediately if it is day three or four after your surgery and you are in immense pain.


An increase in temperature is normal after surgery. However, if the body reaches a temperature higher than 101°F, call the office immediately.


The best medicine for avoiding nausea is to take your medicine on a full stomach. Also, make sure to drink plenty of water.


Pain is not uncommon after surgery. Take your medicine in the prescribed doses to fight the pain.


To reduce swelling, we recommend using cold compresses for the first 36 hours following surgery.

Along with common sense and following appropriate care via Dr. Tomlinson, there shouldn’t be any trouble healing.

If you have any questions, please call us at 706-549-5033.