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benefits of all on 4

benefits of all on 4All on 4 is a procedure that allows for total restoration of missing or badly damaged teeth in as little as one day. Your oral surgeon will strategically place four dental implants into your jaw and then attach an intermediate bridge onto the implants the very same day. A few months later, a permanent bridge will be attached to the implants, giving you a beautiful, permanent, and natural-looking smile.

Benefits of All on 4

All on 4 offers several benefits that other methods of tooth restoration, such as dentures, bridges, or traditional dental implants, do not.

  • Teeth in one day: All on 4 is sometimes called “teeth in a day” for very good reason. All on 4 patients go from having little to no teeth to a complete smile in just one day.
  • Improvement in quality of life: All on 4 gives you natural-looking and natural-feeling teeth. Talking and eating feel normal, unlike with dentures.
  • A solution for those with inadequate jawbones: If you are not a candidate for traditional implants due to insufficient volume or quality of your jawbone, All on 4 is a solution for you. In fact, All on 4 was designed with these patients in mind.
  • Increased confidence: All on 4 dental implants create natural, long-lasting, and beautiful smiles for those who previously were self-conscious about their smile.
  • Promote jawbone health: All on 4 restores and strengthens your jawbone, which results in a healthier mouth and reduces your risk for periodontal diseases.
  • Easy to care for: You can care for your implant-supported bridge the same way you would care for real teeth—with daily brushing and flossing, and regular visits to your dentist.
  • Cost: Because All on 4 is a complete restoration in only one surgery, it is less expensive than other forms of rehabilitation.

To discuss whether or not All on 4 is the best solution for your tooth loss, schedule an appointment with Dr. Tomlinson today.