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There are many misconceptions floating around the Internet about anesthesia and what happens when you are “asleep.” However, these misconceptions are often just that – completely false! If you must have anesthesia in an upcoming surgery, rest easy knowing the truth behind it.

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Misconception #1: Anesthesiologists Leave the Room

Many people believe that once the patient is “asleep” that the anesthesiologist will leave the room. However, this isn’t true. Dr. Tomlinson and staff keep a close watch on the patient throughout the entire procedure until the surgery is complete and the patient is “awake” again.

Misconception #2: Anesthesia Can Wear Off Before Surgery is Complete

When a patient has anesthesia, the anesthesia is administered until the end of the surgery. The dosage is carefully calculated and administered to the patient. It will not wear off beforehand and cause the patient to wake up mid-surgery.

Misconception #3: There Are Different Risk Levels

No matter if the surgery is major or minor, anesthesia holds the same risks. Dr. Tomlinson and staff explain in great detail every risk factor and what to expect when the surgery takes place. We are happy to answer any question you may have to ease your concern.

Types of Anesthetics & How We Can Help

At Athens Oral Surgery Center, we offer three different types of anesthetics depending on your needs. Three medicines used during oral surgery include local, nitrous oxide, and intravenous (IV) sedation. Depending on the type needed, this medicine can be given via an injection or through inhaled gases.

You have no need to fear anesthesia or the surgery itself. Dr. Tomlinson is highly skilled and expertly trained to handle every situation. Feel free to ask any questions so we may ease your concerns.

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