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Is your New Year’s resolution to finally replace your missing teeth? This year can be the year where you feel confident when you smile, and we want to help! One of our very best options for tooth replacement is All on 4, also known as Teeth-in-a-Day or Teeth Xpress. Keep reading to discover the advantages to All on 4, a tooth replacement option that millions of people choose each year.

Details of the All on 4 Procedure

If your teeth cannot be restored, All on 4 is definitely a treatment option you’ll want to consider. This procedure involves a restorative dentist, an oral surgeon, and a dental lab technician who work together to ensure the best results. Your teeth will be removed, and four implants will be strategically placed inside your mouth.

On the same day your implants are placed, an intermediate bridge will be screwed onto the implants. You must wait roughly six months, then a permanent bridge will be fabricated and placed on your implants. The temporary-to-permanent bridge process takes time but, in the long run, it is the best option for unrestorable teeth!

Advantages to All on 4

The biggest advantage to All on 4 is the dramatic improvement in quality of life. Daily tasks that used to be impossible or frustratingly hard are now easy to accomplish. Teeth that do not function properly do not allow you to speak, chew, laugh, swallow, and perform other activities with ease.

Another advantage to All on 4 is the fast procedure and recovery time. Within one day, you will enjoy complete rehabilitation. Although the permanent bridge will be placed six months after the initial bridge, your temporary bridge will not hinder you from everyday activities. Unlike dentures, your permanent bridge will be fixed in place. You don’t need to worry about them falling out!

Do you have questions about All on 4? Don’t hesitate to contact our team!