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After your wisdom teeth removal procedure is complete, it’s important to follow your oral surgeon’s instructions to ensure proper healing and avoid the development of dry socket. Dry socket is very painful and can lead to a prolonged healing process. Discover five factors that contribute to dry socket: 

Smoking Cigarettes or Using a Straw

When you smoke or use a straw, you are applying pressure in your mouth to suck up the liquid or inhale the nicotine in a cigarette. This can cause the blood clot to dislodge.

Using Chewing Tobacco

Chewing tobacco that can enter the hole and disrupt the healing process. Additionally, tobacco is full of nicotine which can greatly distress your gums.

Ditching Care Instructions

At Athens Oral Surgery Center, we have a detailed document to follow to ensure dry socket doesn’t occur. By following these care instructions, it is very rare you will get dry socket after your wisdom teeth have been removed. 

Foregoing Oral Hygiene Practices

Although it will be fairly difficult for a few days to ensure optimal hygiene practices, still focus on oral hygiene to ensure an infection near the extraction site does not occur.

Taking Birth Control Pills

Did you know that women who are taking birth control pills are twice as likely to get dry socket? Some scientists suggest that the estrogen hormone causes this issue to occur. 

The AOSC Team Can Help with Your Wisdom Teeth Removal Needs

If you need your wisdom teeth removed, don’t hesitate to call Athens Oral Surgery Center today. Dr. Jonathan Tomlinson has removed hundreds of wisdom teeth with skill and ease. If you follow the after-procedure care instructions, it is highly unlikely you will develop dry socket! Give us a call with your questions or to schedule an appointment: 706-549-5033.